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Send bulk email the right way with SendPulse

At one point, a few years ago, some Internet marketers predicted that blogs and emails would die. Neither did die, blogs are a well-established communication tool for companies, there are more professional bloggers than ever, it even became a normal job, and email marketing has never been as important as it is now.

It has become so important to communicate by email that everybody is doing it now, which means that it’s getting harder to make your way into your subscriber’s inbox. Sending mass emails from your inbox is a thing of the past, and using an open-source tool to send the emails is also on its way out. In fact, if you are sending many emails from the same server, you are likely to be marked as suspicious.

SendPulse is one of the most professional solutions available nowadays for marketers, bloggers, and online shop owners. The bulk email service gives you easy-to-use tools for efficient online marketing that lands in your subscribers’ inbox.

More than email marketing

Although SendPulse better-known feature is email marketing, this powerful tool goes way beyond it. The technology uses SMTP to allow you to send emails from any application, you can even take more control over the tool by using the Rest API. Going with the Internet users’ habits, SendPulse is also targetting mobile users by giving you web push tools and the possibility to send SMS messages.

Send bulk email the right way with SendPulse

On top of all this, this online service also makes you more successful by using artificial intelligence technology that increase the opening rate of emails by up to 50%. These impressive results are achieved by a combination of optimal personalization of the message, an optimization of the delivery time of messages according to the user’s habits, and subject optimization that help you create more catchy messages.

Drag-and-drop template editor

If you are not a web developer, designing HTML emails can be tough. It requires skills that would take too long to learn, and you are primarily interested in marketing anyway. SendPulse makes email design very easy, thanks to its drag-and-drop editor that gives you full control over what you are doing.

You start by choosing a template as basis for your email, then you customize it with the elements available. Probably the simplest tool for email design out there.

Send bulk email the right way with SendPulse

And much more features

Unless I missed something, SendPulse has all the necessary features for a professional marketer. They have made everything responsive and mobile-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about that part. It comes with useful marketing automation tools, schedulers, in-depth analytics, and is easy to integrate, so what are you waiting to try it out?

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Robert Generette III Creates ESPN Interactive Game Art

Robert Generette III recently collaborated with ESPN to create artwork for their interactive game encouraging basketball fans to create their ultimate All-Star team.

Rob created illustrations of more than 20 of the top NBA players such as Steph Curry, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis to inspire fans as they assemble their All-Star lineup leading up to the big game. Rob designed the illustrations using Adobe Illustrator Draw with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro.

ESPN NBA Allstarts 01ESPN NBA Allstarts 02

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TT Berliners

Old meets new in this fabulous font deal that includes both Modern Script and Old Grotesk typefaces. TT Berlinerins combines the best of both worlds with an elegant script exemplifying the modern feel of Berlin, mixed with an old Grotesk font reminiscent of wood-type posters from the early 20th century. Loads of OpenType features, swashes and glyphs offer real flexibility with this pair.

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The Little Font Bundle Vol IV

The Little Font Bundle Volume IV is here and it’s Pay What You Want!

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Art Text App for Mac Turns Text into a Masterpiece

Words can be a beautiful thing, especially when the very letters themselves are in fact artwork. With the Art Text app for mac, that’s exactly what you get. Put together magnificent sophisticated title art for everything from presentations to logos to buttons. With thousands of templates, fill tools, graphic content and more, your words will never look better.

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130+ Clip-art Floral Elements and Frames

Now you can easily change up your website (or your clients’) with this beautiful collection from NexThemes. You’ll get 27 premium WordPress themes and 16 HTML website templates covering a huge array of categories from fashion to fitness to photography. Fully responsive, these beautiful themes are real flexible too, letting you change up colors, fonts and more.

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Fontfabric Font Bundle of 90+ Fonts

If you’re looking for a great set of fonts, this Fontfabric Font Bundle is sure to put a big fat smile on your face! That’s because with just 1 deal, you’ll get yourself more than 90 different fonts! You’ll get yourself some of the greatest Sans and Art fonts around. These 18 unique font families are delivered to you all in an .OTF file format. What’s even more amazing is that thanks to this Mighty Deal, you can save more than 95% off the regular price!

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When we first look at a design or artwork, we often don’t think about what we see.  Instead, we focus on aspects of the work that grab our attention.

This is called pre-attentive vision.  It begins when a design grabs our attention, but we haven’t yet thought about it.  We scan information, which is recognized by the unconscious.

A designer often aims to attract the eye to the most important aspect of a poster, website or image by organizing information and showing a viewer where to look.  Using line, color, hierarchy, framing, depth, shape, and motion helps aspects of a design to POP out at a viewer.

Color and Semiotics

Use color to make your website look good

Capturing user attention with color means recognizing that color sends out messages.

When looking at color, people first respond to light, and levels of color saturation.  They then respond to the emotional message a color brings.

Peirce’s Trichotomy of Signs explains that color has:

  • Iconicity: This is the emotional message of color.  Dark colors are often seen to be heavy, while light, fresh colors can be cheerful.  We might also look at what colors resemble, such as the green of grass, or the warmth and passion of fire.
  • Indexicality: The link between color and context. A grey sky is seen to represent rain, while a blue one represents a sunny day.
  • Symbolicity: This is the abstract meaning behind color and is often more emotional than logical.  This is the language behind color, which connects red to passion or love, blue to spirituality or peace, and yellow to happiness.  This language can be complex and isn’t always easy to understand.

How to design using color:

Use balance and contrast

Use color to make your website look good

Picking three colors, and using the dominant color 60% of the time, the secondary color 30% of the time, and the accent color 10% of the time provides balance within a design or color scheme.

As the eye often notices saturated color first, the most saturated color should be used for important content, that which seeks to bring a message.

Using the brightest color as an accent color means that this color will draw our attention not only because it is saturated, but also because it is sparse, and contrasts with the space behind it.  This shows the viewer that the message is important.

Link color to shapes

Use color to make your website look good

We do not only form messages in connection with color but also associate color with a shape.  Color, and shape, when combined together, often give off new meaning.

Green and blue may be associated with sky, spirituality, peace or even nature, but place these colors together along with the easily recognizable shape of the globe, and they take on an easily recognizable meaning.  Likewise, a red rose gives a different message to a jagged red line.

When working with color, it is important to determine how this color interacts with shape, and the meanings the combinations evoke.

Use texture

Use color to make your website look good

When a texture is contrasted with a simple background, it can be used as a means of attracting attention, causing a message to pop out.  Texture adds depth to a message, and brings it to life, sometimes becoming more prominent than shape or line.

However, when using texture to construct a message, the background cannot compete for attention, otherwise, the textured message will simply add to the noise on the page.

Make use of the Gestalt Principles

Gestalt shares that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.  The human brain looks at the overall design and how this interconnects and takes a message from this, rather than breaking down the individual parts.  The following Gestalt principles are therefore helpful in creating an effective design:

Proximity:  the more closely objects are placed next to one another, the more likely the mind will see them as interconnected.  These objects don’t have to share colors or characteristics to be seen as related.

Similarity:  Objects which share characteristics will be seen to be more similar than those which do not share similarities.  Objects may be seen to be related because of color, shape, size or texture.

Symmetry:  Symmetry helps to create order, and people seek order.  As a result, they often see objects to be symmetrical.  Symmetry does not only rely on shape but may also use color or texture.

Boundary:  Boundary is used to frame or enclose like elements, separating them from others.

Connectedness:  Connectedness is used to show the how different objects relate.

How to grab the attention of site visitors

Use color to make your website look good

Site visitors are always potential customers.  Holding their attention long enough to show what is on offer is therefore crucial.  The following factors assist with grabbing a visitor’s attention:

Our brains can be quite selective when it comes to focus.  This is because without filtering out a great deal of irrelevant information, we would often feel overwhelmed.  Therefore, designing a website which grabs attention would need to take into account how the brain focuses.

We know that the brain will pay attention to physical needs when we are hungry, recognize the names of those close to us, pays attention to areas we have chosen to focus on and can be captured by emotion.  Our brains also pay attention to novelty and contrast.

Use novelty

Use color to make your website look good

When designing it is helpful to be different, bringing in something which is weird or unusual in order to attract attention.

This is because our brain screens out everyday background noise, or that which is overly familiar.  People will, however, pay attention to contrast or difference.  Be quirky when designing a site.  Use CSS text effects, illustrations, and clever animations for that.

Inspire emotion

Use color to make your website look good

Use color effectively, be visual, aim for warmth and friendliness in your copy, and your visitors will feel welcome.

They will also feel an emotional connection, meaning that they will pay more attention to your site.

The language of color

Color can be very effective in creating emotion in visitors.  This is because colors have a language, and visitors relate to them on an emotional level.  Used effectively, a color will create the effects you need.  Here are common messages perceived behind 10 popular colors:


Red is the color of passion, power, and warmth.  It is attention-grabbing but should be used in small doses.


Use color to make your website look good

Blue is seen to be calm, cool and trustworthy.  It is often very effective when mixed with orange.


This is the color loved by girls.  Fun, romantic and feminine, this is the color aimed at a young female audience.


Use color to make your website look good

Yellow is a strong, bright and sunny color which can be used to capture your audience’s attention.  It lets them know you are confident.


Use color to make your website look good

Green is warm and inviting, and links to goodwill, environmental awareness, and health.  It is also the color of money and may represent wealth.


Gold is another elegant, prestigious color, symbolizing wealth and pedigree or achievement.


Orange represents warmth or energy.  This is a powerful and attention-grabbing color which feels cutting edge.


Use color to make your website look good

Purple is the color of luxury and has been associated with royalty.  It will add a sense of prestige and even decadence to your designs.


Brown is warm, earthy and homely, and brings a feeling of ease.


Black is extremely versatile and can be used in many different contexts.

It can be modern or traditional, exciting or relaxing, and it is up to the designer to choose how best to use it.  Black can add drama or depth to a design.

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Bogdan is a designer and editor at DesignYourWay. He's reading design books the same way a hamster eats carrots, and talks all the time about trends, best practices and design principles.

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For years now, this international competition has been rewarding excellence in design and giving exposure to designers from all around the globe. With millions of designs released every year, it becomes crucial to take part in such competitions and benefit from the exposure that comes from it. For designers, it’s a great opportunity to get that exposure you are craving, and it’s only one of the benefits.

If you are not familiar with the awards, you may want to check out the categories of the competition. Here are my personal favorite:

1. Communication design

Graphic design, web design, and many other design categories are part of this communication design category. The best place to submit your work if you are a graphic designer.

A’ Design Award: Last Call for Entries

Bengal Classical Music Festival by Shafiqul Alam.

2. Industrial design

A large category that includes other small categories within the field. Some of the best industrial design work you’ll get the chance to see.

A’ Design Award: Last Call for Entries

Binhi by Ito Kish, awarded last year.

3. Product design

Whether it’s beverages, pet supplies, or disposable products, product design is everywhere and often unseen because we aren’t paying attention. This category share the best of product design.

A’ Design Award: Last Call for Entries

Hulumao Diamond Bed Cat Toy by Shih-Chang Hsiao & Yu-luen Huang.

4. Advertising

The best of creative communication, shared in this cool category.

A’ Design Award: Last Call for Entries

Calendar 2017 “The Year of Roaster” Calendar by Thach Nguyen Nguyen.

5. Photography

Photography can be an art, especially when used beautifully.

A’ Design Award: Last Call for Entries

Waves Entropy Digital Art by marta moretto.

6. Good Service Design

A big category that encompasses a lot of design types.

A’ Design Award: Last Call for Entries


And much more…

Yes, there are many more categories to register in the competition, just take a look for yourself.

There are a lot of benefits to taking part in the awards, such as taking part in the international exhibitions, being in the yearbook, benefiting from the PR, or inclusion in the world design rankings, among others. Oh! Did I mention the design prizes?

Before entering any competition, it’s good to know a little about the jury and the selection process. A’ Design Awards is very transparent regarding this, just look at the jury and process here.

If you are convinced that your company or yourself could benefit from entering the competition, just register here. The deadline for registration is February 28, 2018, and the results will be announced on A’ Design Awards and on Designer Daily on April 15.

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