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For most people, embracing a freelancing career looks challenging because it doesn’t offer any safety in terms of income at the end of the month. For others, the challenge doesn’t come from the money side, but from balancing work with life.

In fact, when companies hire freelancers, they often expect high flexibility they would not get from an employee. This is why you should be careful as a freelancer, to make sure that your work life is not affecting your personal life in a negative way.

Don’t work from home all the time

Working at home is great, I do it most of the time. However, if you do it all the time, you may go insane, especially if you have children. If you live in a city, it’s very likely that you have coworking spaces available at a reasonable price not too far from your home. This way you get to meet people, change your environment, and be forced to stop looking at cat videos because somebody may pass behind you and judge you.

How to balance your freelance business with your personal life

Log off regularly

Social media has made the technology even much more addictive than it was previously, it also totally blurred the line between work and life. Can you really separate your email inbox between work and life? I doubt it… Can you block notifications for emails and all other social media, yes you can! Unless you work in a medical field with regular emergencies, I doubt you really need to check your phone all the time.

Socialize (in real life)

Whether you work from home or from an office, you need to take some time every week to socialize with your favorite people. It can be family, friends, or pets, take some time off work and interact in real life with other people. Of course, while you do so, try to really be with these people, don’t be constantly checking social media (I’m looking at you, millennials)!

Learn to say no

If you always say yes to everything, some of your clients will eat you alive. No, they will no literally eat you alive, but they suck up all of your energy little by little. Learn to figure out what requests are reasonable and to say no to others, it’s for your own health.

How to balance your freelance business with your personal life

Set your rules and stick to it

This goes with the point above, but it’s worth repeating as it’s one of the biggest issues many freelancers face. Be organized and have a plan, it will make it easier to say no because you will know what is part of the plan or not.

Set realistic goals

You know how we (freelancers) always make fun of clients who come up with totally unrealistic expectations, usually with a ridiculously low budget? Well, we shouldn’t make fun of them too much, because I see way too many freelancers planning their day with a schedule like programming two WordPress plugins, finish that client website, work on that side project, cook some healthy meals, and do sport for one hour in the evening. You need to be more practical and set realistic goals, only this way you get a chance to be satisfied at the end of the day. You should know it, low self-esteem is not good for freelancers.

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Adobe XD Previews New Feature and Unveils Free Icon Kits

Adobe has unveiled a sneak preview of vector graphic support in Creative Cloud Libraries coming soon to Adobe XD. Building on this exciting new feature, Adobe also released three free exclusive icon collections that were developed in partnership with leading designers.

The addition of vector graphics support in CC Libraries will enable designers to easily drag and drop vectors from their CC Libraries panel in XD to their canvas. This new feature introduces several time-saving possibilities for designers who build their vector assets in Illustrator CC and compose their designs in XD. When any changes are made to a graphic in Illustrator, those changes seamlessly propagate to the linked copies in XD.

The icon collections were created in partnership with three leading designers - Lance Wyman, Anton & Irene and BüroDestruct - and are now available for creatives to download for free.

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Morpholio has launched Trace Pro for iPhone that intends to transform site visits by importing key components of the design process into the Construction Administration Phase. The app lets users to draw a perspective in seconds for a field change, measure drawings and photos for smarter markups, or use scaled maps to adjust a window to the best view or solar orientation.

"CA is the crux of the process and built work. Design does not just happen at your desk, and there is absolutely no reason it should have to," stated Anna Kenoff, Morpholio Co-Founder. "We have the most advanced tools for every step of the process. Why would we not want them during construction?"

"Trace is an unparalleled place to think in scale. Now with its own exportable project format, sharing drawings is like sharing ideas. You can send a Trace drawing to anyone, and they can share back with their own changes, notes, and new layers," added Mark Collins, Morpholio Co-Founder. "TracePro will always strive to create the right mix by balancing the thinking that occurs between the eye, hand and mind, and the thinking that happens between collaborators and teams."

Morpholio Trace for iPhone 01

AR Drawing on Site

Use iPhone AR to get the exact perspective grids, then sketch any design changes, corrections or modifications in seconds. You can also capture the view in the field and bring it back to your iPad for more detailed drawings.

Fast Scale

Take a photo of any site condition; register the scale and then markup anywhere. Use the stencil or text tools for clear annotations and clouds. Then, save the notes, sketches and markups for a field report or send it back to your team instantly from the site.

Full Drawing Sets in your Pocket

Use the multipage PDF feature to import and markup full sets of drawings anywhere. For some extra magic, key your on-site photos to any drawing in the PDF. So whether you're on a job site, traveling by plane or simply sitting with your client, you can now have full sets of drawings on your iPhone with you everywhere.

Morpholio Trace for iPhone 02Morpholio Trace for iPhone 03

Scaled Site Maps

Walking a site for the first time? Something in the field does not match the site plan? Now you can instantly pull a scaled map to review or design on. Measure site boundaries, a distance between trees or setbacks effortlessly in situ. Imagine a scaled globe to design on in your pocket...

Smarter Photos

Simply register the dimension for a wall and then you can measure everything else on it; on site or when you get back to your desk.

Morpholio Trace for iPhone 04Morpholio Trace for iPhone 05Morpholio Trace for iPhone 06Morpholio Trace for iPhone 07

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2018 GDUSA People to Watch
Feb 9, 2018 10:38 pm  |  by Levent Ozler

GDUSA has revealed its list of People to Watch for 2018. The magazine starts each year by choosing a group of people who embody the spirit of the creative community.

The list recognizes individuals with a "combination of talent, leadership, success, newsworthiness and community service."[1]


  1. ^ (

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In April 2018, Minsk will become the creative capital of Europe

Being a moderator of avant-garde ideas since the times of Kazimir Malevich and Marc Chagall and even containing the word “white” in the very name of the country, Belarus has become the motherland of International advertising festival WHITE SQUARE – one of the leading creative festivals in Eastern Europe annually welcoming over 1000 entries and 700 delegates from 30 countries of the world.

High level of Festival’s organization, jury team, entries and awards has been many times recognized by brightest representatives of professional community, including global creativity ranking The Gunn Report.

Promoting creative solutions worldwide WHITE SQUARE has been included into new global creativity ranking AdForum Business Creative Report that will help the players of ad market all around the world to track top agencies and best projects in sector of services.

On April 19-21 in Minsk WHITE SQUARE will celebrate its tenth anniversary. Call for entries is open on official website under the slogan CAUSE WE CAN inviting communications, marketing, branding, digital agencies from all around the world to show the level of their creativity.

Entries are accepted into 6 contests consisting of 17 nominations. The entries will be judged offline by five teams of international jury consisting of recognized leaders of European communications industry.

In April 2018, Minsk will become the creative capital of Europe

Early birds are provided with discounts till February 28.

WHITE SQUARE is organized by Association of Communications and Marketing Agencies of Belarus ACMA, member of EACA National Associations Council.

For more detailed information please go to or contact the Directorate of the Festival via [email protected].


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