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The Psychology of Choosing a Domain Name

When taking your business online, the first step is to choose a domain name. The web is like a digital city, and your domain name is your ‘home’ address or where your business is located in the city.

So, as people need to have your home or office address to visit you, so also they need your domain name to get to your website.

Domain names are also a key component of your business brand image. The creativity and insight that go into crafting a domain name will impact on its SEO ranking, web presence and the overall profitability of the brand. It can also affect how people view your brand or business credibility, and affect their certainty in understanding what your business or brand is all about.

As a general rule, your selected domain name should be short, concise and memorable. It should contain the keywords of your business and be unambiguous or confusing about your brand offering. It should also have a professional and relevant to the niche.

Often times, the good domains are no longer available. But there a few smart ways you can create suitable domain name that resonates with your target audience and differentiates your brand or brand offering.

Building a relevant, keyword-rich domain name

Here are a few ideas on building a domain name. You’re not obliged to adopt these recommendations, but if you decide to stick with them, it works great.  

For private practice

  • Use your full name with a .com, e.g.
  • Use your qualification, plus your name, e.g.
  • Use your name, plus your role. e.g.
  • Use your name, plus your service e.g.

For a specific service focus

  • Use the problem, plus the solution, e.g.
  • Use the problem, plus the solution plus the location, e.g.
  • Use the target focus, plus treatment, e.g.

For all-encompassing service solutions

  • Use the location, plus treatment, e.g.
  • Brand name, e.g.  

Techniques to choosing an outstanding domain name

One of the most important decisions you will have to make for your business is deciding on a domain name for your brand website. It will give a personality to your brand, categorize it and will for a long time be associated with it.

In ideal situations, you should decide on a domain name at the same time you’re deciding on your business type, focus and name. For a better outcome and impact on your target audience, your business and domain names should match. That will give your brand a better chance of being remembered, having online awareness and presence.

Here are some creative elements you must apply when choosing domain names:

Make it easy to recall or remember

The brain has amazing powers of memory, and the domain name you use should be able to trigger these powers. That means it should be unique, catchy, visual and ordered.  

It should be concise and precise

To aid easy recollection and let people have the patience to type it in, make your domain name short. Regrettably, some entrepreneurs get too keyword-greedy and try to cramp their domain names with it, and so create insanely long and ridiculous-sounding URLs.  It’s a wrong route to take.

Keep it relevant to your business focus

A domain should be able to instantly communicate the focus of the business or its market niche. Brilliant brand or domain names easily grab attention without sounding too blandly declarative.

Keep it simple

Style and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The most powerful domain names often contain just or two keywords plus a .com extension.

To maintain simplicity and uniqueness, also make sure to avoid dashes and numbers in coining your domain name. Don’t use abbreviations, so it doesn’t look cluttered, ugly and forgettable. Avoid ambiguous words that could leave first time visitors confused about what your company does.

The Psychology of Choosing a Domain Name

Also, as much as possible, stick with .com domain name extension. If your business is focused on location, then a country code domain name, such as .nz would be a good alternative.

Domain names have a huge impact on a business’ overall branding. In fact, it can be argued that it is constitutes one of the most significant parts of your brand’s identity. If you apply all or at least some of these techniques in your domain name crafting, you should be able to come up with a unique and effective domain name that will boost your SEO ranking and brand presence.

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“Pass the Heinz”, Don Draper’s campaign comes to life

In a quite clever marketing stunt, Heinz just used the refused campaigns created by Don Draper in Mad Men. In the TV show, Draper presents a concept with minimalist visuals and fails to convince the Heinz team that the product can be sold without showing it. Now it seems to be obvious that you can sell a product by showing the customers that it’s missing, but it wasn’t so clear for the client (at least in the show).

But just see the pitch for yourself…

As you can see, the idea didn’t go through so quickly, at least not for the fictional Heinz marketing team. What happened though, is that through the TV show, the idea was pitched to millions of people. Just check the visuals for yourself.

“Pass the Heinz”, Don Draper’s campaign comes to life

Every of the visuals display a product ready to be eaten, but missing an essential flavor: the sauce. The slogan simply says pass the Heinz, which is clearly enough to understant what the advertising is about.

“Pass the Heinz”, Don Draper’s campaign comes to life

“Pass the Heinz”, Don Draper’s campaign comes to life

One of the billboard in New York city.

“Pass the Heinz”, Don Draper’s campaign comes to life

Don Draper pitching.

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Artegra Sans by Ceyhun Birinci

Ceyhun Birinci has unveiled Artegra Sans, a gigantic typeface family consisting of 162 fonts with 1500+ glyphs per font.

There are 9 weights along with their matching true italics in normal, condensed and extended widths. More than 1500 glyphs per font offers a wide range of language support from Latin to Cyrillic languages, as well as many Opentype features such as true small caps, stylistic alternates, ordinals, fractions, superscripts and subscripts. Separately created alternates and small caps versions of each font allows users to use these styles even in a software that has no access to Opentype features.

Artegra Sans 01Artegra Sans 02Artegra Sans 03Artegra Sans 04Artegra Sans 05

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International Advertising Festival «White Square», one of the leading creative events in advertising and communications industry of Eastern Europe, will be held for the 9th time already on April 27-29 in the capital of Belarus – Minsk.

«White Square» advertising festival: deadline is coming!

Regardless the fact, that the deadline in only on April 7, it’s better to hurry up and that is why.

First of all, White Square is a tournament of advertising talent and creativity, a real boxing ring, where only the best of the best will become winners. Prepare your most successful cases and upload them on, where more detailed information is provided.

In the year 2016 the representative of the global index The Gunn Report visited White Square and noted high organization level, professionalism of jurors and high level of entries, and called White Square one of the major festivals of the Eastern Europe.

IX White Square prize winning entries will be published! on more than 30 major advertising resources of Europe and the CIS, such as,,,,,,,,,,,, and many others.

One best IX White Square entry will be awarded with a special prize of industrial media Epica White Square Award and will get the right to participate in Epica Awards 2017 free of charge! Besides, another 20! entries of White Square will obtain 100 EUR discount for participation in Epica Awards 2017 per which one (additionally, another 100 EUR for Early Birds).

Enter the creative ring straight away on, and get the victory!

Just to remind you, there are 5 contests at IX White Square: creativity, branding, marketing, digital, social advertising. You Could Submit the Entries on the Official Website ADFEST.BY. Deadline is on April 7!

The creative battle of IX White Square will be judged by 5 international jury casts, who are the persons with world recognition in advertising and rich experience of judging at famous international ad festivals, holders of numerous prestigious awards in this sphere, including more than 130 Cannes Lions!

For more detailed information regarding participation in IX White Square Ad Festival please turn to the website or via e-mail [email protected]

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Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

This type of photo where a book cover is completed by a person is not new, but always worth sharing when well done. Mollat is one of the rare independant book sellers that’s still successful in France, probably because of their creativity when it comes to promotion.

The photo campaign has been widely shared on Instagram, you can see more of it here.

Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

Creative photo campaign for the Mollat bookstores in France

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