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Type Directors Club to Host 'Type Drives Culture' Conference in New York

To explore the intersection of type and culture in America today, Type Directors Club has invited design leaders to discuss type's role in music, fashion, politics, publishing, mass media, and corporate brands and how changing cultural trends present new challenges for designers.

The all-day event, to be held March 23 at SVA Theatre in New York, will feature talks by and conversations with design legend Milton Glaser, award-winning author/designer Steven Heller, Pentagram's Emily Oberman, and designer Elizabeth Carey Smith.

Highlights will include Debbie Millman's interview of type designer and TDC Medalist Matthew Carter for her popular podcast, Design Matters. Speakers include Dan Rhatigan on typography in adult publishing, Grammy nominee Brian Roettinger on design and typography in the music industry, and five creative designers on new custom typefaces commissioned by corporations as part of recent brand redesigns.

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UTÖKA Creates Design-Driven CGI/Motion Graphic Spot For Mizuno

UTÖKA blended photo-real CGI and motion graphic design with live-action footage for a multi-platform spot showcasing the cutting-edge technology behind MIZUNO Maxcor, MIZUNO's high-performance baseball bat.

The visual story takes a design-driven minimalistic approach that uses CGI imagery to focus in on the bat's forward-thinking engineering and features.

MIZUNO's engineers provided UTÖKA's team with a Maxcor bat, split in half, exposing its high-tech infrastructure. The team photographed the various elements from all angles ensuring the accuracy of the CGI.

CGI artist, Cesar Carvallo created photo-real shots that seamlessly matched the video and photography, using Adobe After FX, Maya and Cinema 4D.

Director Ken Soons shot the video in UTÖKA's studio on an ARRI Alexa mini camera with Cooke S4 Prime lenses. The entire set was painted black to create the look of a nighttime game. He worked with DP Jeff Dillon to create the dramatic feel of the dark background that draws the eye to the product.

"Knowing the exact lighting set up we would be using in the studio on set, allowed us to mimic that look in post for seamless matching of the real and CGI elements," explained Soons, who also edited and color graded the project. "Seeing the project through from start to finish really helped on the back-end workflow."

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Video streaming was the great invention that made online videos very popular, thanks to a rapidly growing infrastructure. Before that, you had to download the entire video before being able to see it. Now online videos are a huge part of the media market, and they may well become the main one in a new future (if they aren’t already, I didn’t check).

This said, sometimes you need to download videos from these platforms. Obviously, I’m not suggesting to do this for illegal reasons, but for practical ones. For example, you may need to download a bigger video if you have a flaky internet connection (or will when on the road).

You may also want to download Youtube videos when your friends send you private Youtube videos and you want to keep them. It even happened to me on the professional side, when a video editing agency sent us all the videos we order through their Youtube page. Of course, we could have requested that they sent us the source files directly, but it was much quicker to go through an online video platform.

So… how do you download Youtube videos?

1. The complicated way

If you are familiar with the command-line, you can use the youtube-dl command line to download videos very easily. It’s open source and allows you to download videos from popular video platforms and use them on your computer.

Another complicated way to download Youtube videos programmatically is to use a PHP class that provides you with an interface to download the videos. One of these classes is yt_downloader, you can find it on Github.

How to download Youtube videos to your computer

2. The easy way

If you are just looking for the videos, and not to learn how to do it all by yourself, you should check out an online service like Youtube Video Downloader. This web app is probably the best way to download videos and turn them into anything you want. You can use it by going to this URL:

How to download Youtube videos to your computer

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Working as a freelance web designer has some serious perks: you meet a variety of interesting people, you (mostly) choose your own hours, and you can apply both your artistic side and your technical skills to helping clients get the most out of their web presence. At the same time, it has one major drawback: you can only bill for the actual work you do, and there are only so many hours in a day. Wouldn’t it be nice to set up a passive income stream or two that allows you to keep earning even while you sleep? Here, we present some proven techniques to do just that.

Start Blogging

People browsing the web are generally either looking for entertainment or trying to learn something. If you can share some of your skills in a way that will prove helpful to the latter kind, you can easily start a blog on your area of expertise. Once you have consistent traffic, repeat visitors and a mailing list, you can either use it to promote your personal brand or treat it as a money-making asset in its own right.

This isn’t to say that blogging successfully will be an instant payday for little work. Earning money this way requires at least six months of regularly posting interesting, informative content and not everybody is cut out for doing this. On the other hand, some people love to write and teach others. If this describes you, you can get an idea of what’s already out there by clicking here.

Design CMS Themes, Plugins and Templates

If you still use Wix or Jimbo to design sites for your clients, this won’t be for you just yet. If, however, you have a strong grasp of CSS, PHP and other lower level tools, there’s nothing stopping you from creating something once and selling it over and over again.

Be aware that users will be reviewing your product thoroughly and publicly, so make sure to test it and (especially) provide adequate documentation that even amateurs can understand. Themeforest and Template Monster are two of the marketplaces on which you can market your product.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has developed something of a bad rep. Some people who saw it as a get-rich-quick opportunity were inevitably disappointed, while others use all kinds of user-hateful, black hat tactics to bait clicks. On the other side of the coin, some affiliate programs seem to have a little trouble calculating percentages, or allow vendors to market products without applying any kind of quality control.

How Web Designers can Turn Talent into Recurring Revenue

Even so, there’s nothing wrong with the business model itself: Amazon and other online retailers allow you to do marketing on their behalf and pay you depending on the amount of success you achieve. Assuming some basic rules are followed, the customer’s interests aren’t compromised at any point.

Some people do make a living out of AM and even a good one. Don’t limit yourself to only the well-known affiliate programs: approach individual companies directly, or focus on specialized services that pay real money for qualified leads. The best payday loan affiliate program, for instance, pays as much as $230 per action.

Again, this kind of business requires time and effort to get off the ground. To learn a little more, spend a few minutes browsing around this site.

Become a Hosting Reseller

If you’re already selling website designs, you might as well up-sell hosting solutions to clients looking for a no-fuss, turnkey option. In fact, a little thought will show you a number of additional services you can offer your existing clients, from advising them on software choices to training their staff in digital marketing.

If you’re technically savvy and willing to spend a bit on the necessary hardware, you can set up your own server, or you can re-sell hosting services from one of the established providers. Hostgator offers good support, but there are literally hundreds of hosting companies that will be happy to have you market their products.

Vending Stock Images

People, including web users, are visual creatures. The choice of feature photograph can easily make or break a web page’s performance, and savvy digital marketers know this.

How Web Designers can Turn Talent into Recurring Revenue

If you have a huge pool of photographs you own the licenses to, either from having taken them yourself or purchased the rights, it might be worth your while going through your collection and adding tags to each. They can then either be sold on websites such as Shutterstock, or you can charge for the service of searching for the “perfect” image on your clients’ behalf.

Write an Ebook

Even if you’re very familiar with the subject, writing an ebook of 10,000+ words is a non-trivial task. The good news: you only have to do it once for it to (potentially) keep earning money for years to come.

Self-publishing is often done in conjunction with running a blog: the blog can be used to market the book, the book increases the credibility of the blog, and both help to establish the author as an expert that people are happy to consult. One key thing to remember is that a narrow focus is often best. A book called “What Makes a Website Great” will be buried under hundreds of similar titles, but “5 Steps to Creating Great Websites for Restaurants” will appeal to at least some readers.

Write an App

If you know how to code, writing an app that solves whatever problem bugs you from time to time represents another potential source of passive income.

Realistically, though, most apps tank rather than take off. Unless it’s something really simple, you’ll be investing a huge amount of time and money in building one, so do your market research beforehand and consider teaming up with somebody who has skills that complement your own.

Coffee Mugs and T-Shirts

If you’re occasionally struck by an idea for a visual design that’s bold, quirky and engaging, consider spending half an hour perfecting it in Photoshop and submitting it to one of the various fulfillment sites that are always hungry for new content. Success isn’t guaranteed, of course, but a couple of people have made good money in this way, and trying costs nothing.

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Monotype Mosaic: Cloud-Based Font Platform for Enterprises

Monotype[1] has today launched Mosaic[2], a cloud-based font platform that provides enterprises with an easy way to discover, manage, share and deploy Monotype fonts.

Mosaic allows fonts to be accessed from a single, central location so internal designers and external partners can easily find and share the right fonts for each project, improving workflows and removing the hassles of deploying fonts and managing rights across dispersed organizations.

Mosaic offers a variety of discovery options, including search by behavior or interests, and allows users to group fonts by categories like: project, mood and team, among others, and offers curated collections from experts.

Users can access Monotype-designed custom fonts, Monotype Library fonts and a customized set of third-party fonts based on their specific needs (devices, screens, printed catalogues, etc.), and experiment with a library of more than 2,500 font families before licensing for a project.


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